Pro Accounts

We Accept Paypal For International Users. Send Email for details.

Introducing Mojaloss PRO accounts.

PRO accounts are paid accounts for users who can’t download from our server.
There is a huge demand for download access for the mojaloss server, but unfortunately, we can’t open up mojaloss to everyone as our current hardware won’t be able to handle the load and also provide a satisfactory result for everyone else. By getting a PRO account you are not only getting access to the server but also funding future upgrades and features to the server.

There are three easy steps to getting a PRO account:

Step 1: Download this test file. (You can delete the file after – it doesn’t do anything)
The speed that you get while downloading the file will be your average download speed from mojaloss server. This speed is controlled mostly by your ISP (their BDIX bandwidth allocation), not us.

Step 2: If you are satisfied with the download speed and want to create an account please email for payment instructions by bkash.

Step 3: After you make the payment, email us back the reference number or last 3 digits of the phone number the bkash payment came from and we will open your account in 15-20 minutes (Average time).



Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are you guys so greedy?

I am sorry that you feel that way, but running and maintaining a server like this needs a huge amount of effort and money, if you think we are getting rich out of pro accounts, you are sorely mistaken. Most of this pro account funds will go back to adding features and hiring people to maintain the site. There is a huge amount of planning, effort and money go into running a server like this and anyone who has ever worked in the networking/sysadmin environment will know what I am talking about.

Are you guys going to run away with our money?

We have been around for more than 5 years and we have a reputation to keep, so no we are not going to run away with your money.

Some other server does it for free and better than you guys anyways.

Then, by all means, please use the other server. I really don’t see a problem – because no one is being forced to use this server.

Your download speed suck.

Most likely your ISP’s BDIX speed suck, but we go out of our way to make sure that you can test the download speed before you pay so that you don’t get disappointed.

Do pro users get any exclusive features?

Not at the moment. But we are working on a couple of things that will be pro user exclusive.

Can I get x-months free / trial / discount?

Sorry, we don’t have any provision for that.

Can I talk to someone on the phone?

It’s not feasible at this moment to provide phone support to so many users. But you are free to email us (, anytime you want. It’s easier to handle 100s of email than to handle 100s of phone calls. No point calling the bkash number, no one will pick it up. It’s also better to email us then to send facebook msgs – which we don’t check very often.

Sometimes I get redirected to pro page when trying to download even when I am logged in.

This happens to a very small percentage of users and we have observed that usually clearing the browser cache or not using a download manager fixes this issue. That’s why we don’t usually recommend that you use a download manager like IDM (it also works for many people without any problem) if you are already getting good speed. Our theory is that some kind of browser extension or download manager is interfering with your download session. Since our login system does “session validity” check to make sure that you are logged in, if any browser extension or download manager interferes with that session (even when you are logged in), you will be redirected to pro page. Since this happens to a very small number of users (so far 6 out of 1000+ users), we request that you check your end and see if anything is interfering with your session.

Will my x-phone / y-tablet support online streaming and download?

Considering there are literally 1000s of devices from possibly equal number of vendors with their custom browser or outdated browser out there, it’s kinda difficult for us to tell for sure if your device is supported. What we do is follow a simple rule, support official industry standard.

Can I get a refund?

Absolutely yes! if you email back to us within 24hours of registration that you want a refund for whatever reason, we will send back your payment (bkash) within 24-48 hours and close your account. If you are not satisfied with the service there is no reason for you to pay for it.

What’s the billing cycle?

Same day till your next billing period. You can register anytime you want and we have a system to remind you to pay your subscription fees. You can also pay a couple of days in advance if you want. You can also pay 6 months/ 12months subscription at one go.



Last Updated: May 13, 2018.